Thursday, June 27, 2013

Lime Crime Makeup: First Impression

Hey beauties!!! Today I have a fun post for you. I have always heard about Lime Crime, but never had the chance to pick anything up. I was on and saw they were on there, so i decided to try out a couple things! Of course right when they came in, i had to take pictures for my blog! In the process of taking pictures and playing with them, i got a pretty good idea of what i think about these products. 
So the first things i added to my bag on beauty joint were the lipsticks. I have been dying to try them out and these were the first colors I knew i had to get... (Left to Right) Countessa Fluorescent- Retrofuturist, & Centrifuchsia) These lipsticks are $15.99 a piece. They're about the same price as MAC and they also have the same smell as the MAC lipsticks! Which, i personally love. These lipsticks are very smooth and creamy on the lips & very opaque. Lime crime is also a vegan & cruelty free company. A++++ for them! & can we all please just take a second to notice how BEAUTIFUL the packaging is?? The holographic unicorn is so fun and unique.

So the first color im going to show you is Countessa Fluorescent (Below)
This is SUCH a beautiful cool-based neon pink.

Next color is Retrofuturist- This is an AMAZING bright red. I think this would look great on anyone. What i also love about this color is that it makes your teeth look very white. So far, this is my favorite red that i have in my collection.

Last but not least, we have the color Centrifuschia. I love this. Its such a gorgeous bright fuchsia color.

So far i love these lipsticks and how they apply. They are definitely worth the $15 and i want more! Lime Crime definitely has some crazy colors- but i think these 3 would be the best to try out if you're just starting to get into bold lip colors.

Next is a glitter from Lime Crime. This is called the Zodiac Glitter- these glitters are named after the Zodiac signs. I got the color Leo (even though im a Sagittarius) but i just loved the gold! Plus, i had never tried these out, so i wanted to see how i liked it first before i bought a bunch of colors. These glitters are $12.99.

Now, i do love this glitter, but i don't think i will purchase anymore. I thought these would be filled with very fine glitter (almost like a pigment) but this glitter is pretty chunky. On the swatch to the right (Picture above) that is with no primer. You will want to use some sort of glitter primer with this if you are going to use it. On the swatch to the left, i put down the Two Faced Glitter Glue and that definitely helped it stay on nicely. Im not sure how im going to like this on my eyes, but ill definitely try it out and keep you guys updated!

Next up we have a nail polish! This is in the color Pastelchio. This is such a gorgeous neon/pastel green. The bottle is a little bit smaller than i thought it was going to be. There is 0.3 OZ of polish in this bottle. (Essie has 0.46 Oz in theirs) But lets be real- I never go through nail polish, so it'll last me quite a while! These polishes are also $7.25 a piece- not bad if you ask me!

The picture above is with one coat of the nail polish. It is pretty opaque but you would still want to go in with a second coat. BELOW is after i applied another coat. You can see that its a gorgeous shade and 2 coats is all you will need (which most of us love!!). I love this color- i think its gorgeous. Its also very shiny and if you didn't want to, you wouldn't need a top coat. But i always suggest putting a top coat on any polish. 

So that is my little Lime Crime haul/first impression! I definitely want to try out more things from this brand such as the liquid lipsticks & their liquid eyeliners. Have you tried out any of their products? If so, what did you get & how did you like it??

I hope you guys enjoyed this and if you did please let me know in the comments! I would love to do more posts like this. Don't forget to share this post and follow my blog!

Love you all!! xoxo

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