Saturday, June 8, 2013

Big Hair Tutorial: Kylie Jenner Inspired

Hey beauties!!
So im back again and i really wanted to do this hairstyle inspired by Kylie Jenner. I follow her on Instagram and i just fell in LOVE with her hair in this picture. 

As you can see, 5 minutes after she posted it, i took a screen shot because i was officially obsessed! LOL

So this look is pretty easy to achieve but it is time consuming since you are going to be using a smaller barrel for the majority of your hair. 

First off i recommend doing this look on second day hair if you are doing this for a special occasion. This will insure that your hair doesn't fall quickly and that you have big/gorgeous hair all night long.

My FAVORITE dry shampoo is the batiste dry shampoo with a hint of color. If you are a brunette, you will LOVE this since it is so hard to find a dry shampoo that doesn't leave a white cast in our hair. This brand also has a dry shampoo for all my lovely blondes as well :)

All you want to do is spray this in your hair where its a little greasy- rub it in with your fingers- & brush out any excess! I swear by this stuff!

Now in this tutorial we are going to be using 2 curling wands from Nume. These are the Magic wands. The sizes im using are the 19 MM & the 25 MM
I do have a special package for my viewers and you can get 2 of these wands for $99.00 with the coupon code "bombshell" (all lower case) at your checkout! If you are interested then just click the picture below! I swear by these wands- they are the only ones i use & i recommend them to all my girlfriends! 
If you didnt want to buy 2, i also have a coupon code for $115.00 off the classic or magic individual wands with the coupon code "casey" --

I also used Bellami hair extensions in this video! I love them because they are so thick that i only have to use 2 tracks to get the volume i want! - I have a coupon code for them if you guys want to try them out! "itsblondie" gets you $5.00 off. Who doesn't love coupons right? lol

So the first wand I'm using is the 19MM and this is going to give you the smaller curls on bottom. These also create some serious volume! I also interchange the curls so ill wrap my hair around the wand away from my face, and then towards my face just so the curls dont get wrapped up together and look like one huge curl! You also want to leave about 2-3 inches out at the ends to keep some length to your hair. 

You want to repeat this process all on the bottom half of your hair. When you take the next section of hair down, you want to repeat the same process but take bigger sections! (if you want to see in action, click my video below!)

Now when you get to the top part of your hair you are going to want to use a bigger wand. I used the 25 MM for this. and you want to stay about 4-5 inches away from your root just so you can get the flat hair on top just like kylie has in the picture.

I did end up going in with my straightener and making the top half of my hair straight because it ended up being way to curly! The straightener i use is by Sedu and I've had it for years!  :)

This is what your end result should look like! Keep in mind it is time consuming but if you are wanting to curl your hair and have a different style to it i think this is the perfect look! Its one of my new favorites :)

Thank you guys for visiting my blog! I will have more product reviews and such on here very soon! I love you all and dont forget to check out the video for this look below to see each step in detail! xoxo

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