Sunday, June 30, 2013

June Beauty Favorites! + Win Some of My Favorites!

Hey Beauties!!!
So i posted a new video yesterday on my youtube channel mentioning some of my favorite things! I go into detail in the video but here are some of the products i mentioned:

Products Mentioned:
Milani Lipstick: Nume Creme- Fruit Punch- Rose Hip
MAC Blush- Ripe for love
Tarte Brow Mousse- Medium Brown
NYX Stay matte but not flat powder foundation- soft beige
Garnier BB Cream for Combo-oily skin- light/medium & medium/deep
BB cream review & demo:
The Balm Mary Loumanizer
Rimmel Stay Glossy Gloss- Seduce Me
Covergirl Ink It liner- black
Wink by Georgia lash applicator
Gypsy Lashes- mentioned 96 & 906 
Get the lashes here:
Face Secrets double ended cotton swabs
B&BW Stress Relief sugar scrub- eucalyptus spearmint
MAC Cleanse off oil
Kenra Platinum blow dry spray
Kenra Platinum Silkening mist
Bellami Extensions 
Nume Megastar Flat Iron

A lot right?? lol Im also giving away some Bellami Extensions and a Nume Magic wand & Argan Oil! Check the description box of the video to see how to enter!! 

Love you all! xoxo

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Lime Crime Makeup: First Impression

Hey beauties!!! Today I have a fun post for you. I have always heard about Lime Crime, but never had the chance to pick anything up. I was on and saw they were on there, so i decided to try out a couple things! Of course right when they came in, i had to take pictures for my blog! In the process of taking pictures and playing with them, i got a pretty good idea of what i think about these products. 
So the first things i added to my bag on beauty joint were the lipsticks. I have been dying to try them out and these were the first colors I knew i had to get... (Left to Right) Countessa Fluorescent- Retrofuturist, & Centrifuchsia) These lipsticks are $15.99 a piece. They're about the same price as MAC and they also have the same smell as the MAC lipsticks! Which, i personally love. These lipsticks are very smooth and creamy on the lips & very opaque. Lime crime is also a vegan & cruelty free company. A++++ for them! & can we all please just take a second to notice how BEAUTIFUL the packaging is?? The holographic unicorn is so fun and unique.

So the first color im going to show you is Countessa Fluorescent (Below)
This is SUCH a beautiful cool-based neon pink.

Next color is Retrofuturist- This is an AMAZING bright red. I think this would look great on anyone. What i also love about this color is that it makes your teeth look very white. So far, this is my favorite red that i have in my collection.

Last but not least, we have the color Centrifuschia. I love this. Its such a gorgeous bright fuchsia color.

So far i love these lipsticks and how they apply. They are definitely worth the $15 and i want more! Lime Crime definitely has some crazy colors- but i think these 3 would be the best to try out if you're just starting to get into bold lip colors.

Next is a glitter from Lime Crime. This is called the Zodiac Glitter- these glitters are named after the Zodiac signs. I got the color Leo (even though im a Sagittarius) but i just loved the gold! Plus, i had never tried these out, so i wanted to see how i liked it first before i bought a bunch of colors. These glitters are $12.99.

Now, i do love this glitter, but i don't think i will purchase anymore. I thought these would be filled with very fine glitter (almost like a pigment) but this glitter is pretty chunky. On the swatch to the right (Picture above) that is with no primer. You will want to use some sort of glitter primer with this if you are going to use it. On the swatch to the left, i put down the Two Faced Glitter Glue and that definitely helped it stay on nicely. Im not sure how im going to like this on my eyes, but ill definitely try it out and keep you guys updated!

Next up we have a nail polish! This is in the color Pastelchio. This is such a gorgeous neon/pastel green. The bottle is a little bit smaller than i thought it was going to be. There is 0.3 OZ of polish in this bottle. (Essie has 0.46 Oz in theirs) But lets be real- I never go through nail polish, so it'll last me quite a while! These polishes are also $7.25 a piece- not bad if you ask me!

The picture above is with one coat of the nail polish. It is pretty opaque but you would still want to go in with a second coat. BELOW is after i applied another coat. You can see that its a gorgeous shade and 2 coats is all you will need (which most of us love!!). I love this color- i think its gorgeous. Its also very shiny and if you didn't want to, you wouldn't need a top coat. But i always suggest putting a top coat on any polish. 

So that is my little Lime Crime haul/first impression! I definitely want to try out more things from this brand such as the liquid lipsticks & their liquid eyeliners. Have you tried out any of their products? If so, what did you get & how did you like it??

I hope you guys enjoyed this and if you did please let me know in the comments! I would love to do more posts like this. Don't forget to share this post and follow my blog!

Love you all!! xoxo

Monday, June 17, 2013

Update Makeup Collection & Storage - Casey Holmes

Hey beauties!!
So every time i sit at my makeup vanity, i always think of ways i can change up my storage.  I posted a makeup collection video not too long ago and in that video i mentioned how i didn't love the black mirror i had at the time. Check out my previous makeup collection video here

Recently I've purchased a new mirror and I'm in LOVE with it! It's from Vanity Girl Hollywood -After getting my new mirror i realized that my Ikea MALM drawer was just too small for the mirror, so i switched it out with a plain table from Ikea that i had.  I also started storing all my makeup in my Alex 9 drawer from Ikea. Im loving this new set up because i have a lot of room, and of course, a TON of storage.

A lot of you have asked for an update makeup collection ever since i changed my filming set up. I didnt want to actually film a whole new video since i just posted one not too long ago- so i figured i would do a post on here and let you see how i store my makeup now! Keep in mind this is a big hobby of mine & its what i love to do! Which is why i have so much ;)

Starting with the items that are stored on top of the Alex 9 drawers- I have a 5 drawer storage unit from Muji and i absolutely love this! Its a clear acrylic drawer and its great for storing all of my eye products such as eyeliners, shadows, & mascara. I also use the bottom drawer to store some of my lipglosses and lip liners! I use to have 3 muji drawers all together but i have worked my way down to only using one! The lipstick holder is also from Amazon

Now behind the muji drawer i have my MAC brush cleanser and extra brushes that are stored in a cup that i got from Target. You can find them in the Sonia Kashuk section. I love the little brushes on the cups i think it adds a cute touch.

Moving on to the actual table that my mirror sits on, I like to keep this part pretty simple. Just keeping my most used face and eye brushes, 
MAC fix plus, and my beauty blenders! Ive recently put business cards of a company that i get my false eyelashes from on my mirror because i dont want to loose them!

Now we are going to the first drawer of my Alex 9 drawer from Ikea and this is where i store all of my palettes. I LOVE the fact that they are all stored away and you cant really see them. I have a lot of palettes ranging from NARS, MAC, Urban Decay, & BH Cosmetics. I also store Sigma eyeshadow bases in here as well. There is a lot of room in these drawers so you can stack your palettes up very nicely.

The second drawer is one of my favorites! Its basically my "everyday" drawer & its pretty unorganized. I keep all of my most used makeup in here and i also store my false lashes. I have things ranging from eyeshadow primers, liners, lipsticks, glosses, etc. I love this drawer because it holds a lot of my favorite things! ;)

The next drawer is for all of my liquid/cream face products. I have my foundations, BB creams, liquid highlighters, and concealers in here. I usually have at least 2 of every foundation i purchase because im always self tanning or out in the sun so my color  fluctuates.

Moving on i have another face drawer and this stores all of my powders! Im a total junkie with face products & im always wanting to try out new things. Behind the powders i just have samples, back ups, or products that I havent had the chance to try out yet. I also like to store my setting sprays and my HUGE brush from eco tools. 

Next drawer is my next favorite because it has all my blushes and bronzers in it. Im a blush and bronzer freak as well so i do have quite a few in here! It ranges from drugstore to high-end and i love all of these products!

Now the next drawer is not as exciting but i still love it lol This is where i store my extensions! The ones i use are by Bellami Hair. I dont like to toss my extensions in a random spot because it can cause a big, tangled mess. So i store them flat in this drawer and it keeps the hair nice and protected.

Next drawer is for all of my makeup bags. I have one from Tory Burch, Michael Kors, Forever 21,  Benefit, Soap & Glory, etc. I always have to have a lot of options when it comes to picking a makeup bag. 

Next drawer holds my curling irons. I have a ton of these and 98% of them are from Nume! I love their wands and they are literally all i use. Im so happy i finally have a place to hide these because i dont like when i see cords hanging out everywhere.

The final drawer is definitely a random one. I have heat pads in here for my hot tools, straighteners, bobby pins, hair ties, teasing combs, regular combs, etc. Its a pretty messy drawer but i always find what i need in here! lol

So that was my updated makeup collection! I hope you all enjoyed and please follow my blog for more posts that you might not see on my beauty channel! & dont forget to share with fellow bloggers & friends! ;) 

Love you all! xoxo

Sunday, June 9, 2013

REDUCE Your Split Ends for Good!

Hey beauties!!!
This is a post that I'm really excited to put up because I have finally found products that have reduced my split ends and have made my hair so strong and healthy! I have had a lot of viewers from my Youtube Channel ask me what i have used to get my hair super healthy, so i figured i would post it on here for you guys to see! Keep in mind i do color my hair so these products are perfect for color treated hair! So lets get started shall we?

First off is shampoo and conditioner. I don't necessarily think you have to buy high end shampoo and conditioners to get strong, healthy hair. At least from my experience. I love using the "Clear Hair & Scalp Therapy" Shampoo and conditioner for Damaged/Color Repair. I have been using this for so long now and i have not gone back to anything else! These 2 products make my hair shiny, silky, and super clean. I have no complaints about them! 

Now when it comes to actually washing my hair, i only do it about 2-3 times a week. This will also help get your hair back to its healthy state. Its not good to wash your hair everyday because you are constantly stripping your hair of all the natural oils. Give you hair a breather! I know its hard to only wash a few times a week. When i was blonde i thought i had to wash it EVERYDAY. I gradually started washing every other day & now i can go multiple days without washing it. You have to get your hair used to it, but once you do, you'll never go back to washing it everyday & your hair will thank you.

Now once a week i will use a deep conditioner. I believe that this is a MUST in your hair care routine. You need to baby your hair and replenish it. So the product i like to use is the "Macadamia Deep Repair Masque". It is literally heaven in a bottle. This product will make your hair so soft its unreal. I like to use this to replace my conditioner once a week and let it sit for about 10 minutes. You could also put it in your hair overnight and wash it out the next morning if your hair is really damaged. I love this deep conditioner because I do have an oily scalp and its hard to find products i can use at my roots. But with this product i can put it all over and it does not make my hair extra oily or weigh it down! Its expensive but totally worth it. I think this is my 2nd or 3rd bottle now? Im obsessed! You can get this at target and ulta.

Another tip i have for when you get out of the shower is to use a wide tooth comb. I cannot tell you how bad i cringe when i see girls use paddle or regular brushes when they are brushing out their wet hair! It is soooo damaging. Wide tooth combs are your best friend and you can get these anywhere! Walgreens, CVS, Salons, Sallys, Etc. Keep in mind you want to start from the ends of your hair and work your way up to the roots. This helps get rid of the knots but is not as damaging as using a regular brush.

For the products that i use before i blow dry- Im going to start out with the "Kenra Blow Dry Spray" (picture below: left)- This is a newer purchase but im already in love with it. This spray is a heat protectant and it also helps your hair dry faster while blow drying it and that is VERY important since blow drying is very damaging. This spray has a super fine mist and it smells amazing. You can get this product at Ulta.

Second i have the "Its A 10" Spray (middle)- I have been using this for about 3 months now and i am almost finished with it! This is also a heat protectant and it also does 9 other things!! (Hints the "10" in the name). Its great for summer and i highly recommend it if you are looking for a leave in conditioner type of spray. You can get this product Ulta, Walgreens, CVS, Etc.

Lastly i believe an oil is essential in your hair care routine. You can find oils for your hair anywhere as well. You can even use organic coconut oil from the grocery store. I have personally been using the "Nume Arganics Argan Oil" on my ends for awhile now and i highly recommend this product. I only apply about a dime sized amount to the ends of my hair. I dont want to put this at my roots because i already have a super oily scalp so that would just be a hot mess! 

Oh & YES i do use all 3 of these products before i blow dry and they do not weigh down my hair or make it super oily. Which is amazing since my hair can get greasy VERY fast. I find that when i combine these 3 products, my hair is heavenly! They leave my hair strong and split end free!

I also have a coupon code for the Nume Argan Oil if you are interested. Click Here And use "caseyargan" All lower case at your checkout. You can get this oil for $20.00 instead of $59.00

Earlier i was talking about going a few days without washing your hair. Well NONE of that would be possible for me if it wasnt for dry shampoo!! Dry shampoo can really help save your hair. My favorite brand is "Batiste" and you can get this at Ulta and i have also found some at TJ MAXX. The one i use is the "Hint of Color" so this is perfect for Brunettes! They have one for blondes as well. Just spray this product where your hair is looking oily, rub it in with your fingers, and brush out any excess with a brush. Then BAM- your hair looks refreshed! This product saves you SO much time when getting ready. Love love love.

The last thing i want to quickly mention is having a great quality blow dryer. This one i have had for about 8 months and it has not been anything but amazing! This is the "Nume Classic Ionic Dryer" and I love this. It dries my hair so quickly and if you watch my videos, you know my hair is SUPER long so  i love that it doesn't take me long to get it dry! My mom also has this dryer and she loves it! So two thumbs up for Nume!

Of course i always have coupons for you guys if you are interested in Nume products. The original price for this product is $225.00 but it is on sale for $195.00. CLICK HERE and use the coupon "valentine6" All lower case as usual, at your checkout and get this dryer for $95.00. Nume is always willing to get coupons for you guys and that is another reason why i love them! 

I also want to quickly mention that i do not use a brush when i blow dry my hair! I just toss my hair around- upside down- to the side- etc and then after its about 95% dry ill take a brush and brush my hair again from the ends to the roots to get rid of the tangles.

Also make sure that you keep getting your hair trimmed! This is kind of a "duh" thing to say but it is very important. I go about every 2 months to get a trim and it has actually made my hair grow faster! Get rid of that dead / crazy hair ladies! Its worth it- your hair will look much more polished and pretty :)

So I hope you guys enjoyed this LONG post but i figured i would be pretty detailed about it because I have been using these products and have been so impressed with them. Hopefully this will help some of you out and let me know in the comments what you like to use to keep your hair super healthy & split end free! Love you all xoxoxo

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Big Hair Tutorial: Kylie Jenner Inspired

Hey beauties!!
So im back again and i really wanted to do this hairstyle inspired by Kylie Jenner. I follow her on Instagram and i just fell in LOVE with her hair in this picture. 

As you can see, 5 minutes after she posted it, i took a screen shot because i was officially obsessed! LOL

So this look is pretty easy to achieve but it is time consuming since you are going to be using a smaller barrel for the majority of your hair. 

First off i recommend doing this look on second day hair if you are doing this for a special occasion. This will insure that your hair doesn't fall quickly and that you have big/gorgeous hair all night long.

My FAVORITE dry shampoo is the batiste dry shampoo with a hint of color. If you are a brunette, you will LOVE this since it is so hard to find a dry shampoo that doesn't leave a white cast in our hair. This brand also has a dry shampoo for all my lovely blondes as well :)

All you want to do is spray this in your hair where its a little greasy- rub it in with your fingers- & brush out any excess! I swear by this stuff!

Now in this tutorial we are going to be using 2 curling wands from Nume. These are the Magic wands. The sizes im using are the 19 MM & the 25 MM
I do have a special package for my viewers and you can get 2 of these wands for $99.00 with the coupon code "bombshell" (all lower case) at your checkout! If you are interested then just click the picture below! I swear by these wands- they are the only ones i use & i recommend them to all my girlfriends! 
If you didnt want to buy 2, i also have a coupon code for $115.00 off the classic or magic individual wands with the coupon code "casey" --

I also used Bellami hair extensions in this video! I love them because they are so thick that i only have to use 2 tracks to get the volume i want! - I have a coupon code for them if you guys want to try them out! "itsblondie" gets you $5.00 off. Who doesn't love coupons right? lol

So the first wand I'm using is the 19MM and this is going to give you the smaller curls on bottom. These also create some serious volume! I also interchange the curls so ill wrap my hair around the wand away from my face, and then towards my face just so the curls dont get wrapped up together and look like one huge curl! You also want to leave about 2-3 inches out at the ends to keep some length to your hair. 

You want to repeat this process all on the bottom half of your hair. When you take the next section of hair down, you want to repeat the same process but take bigger sections! (if you want to see in action, click my video below!)

Now when you get to the top part of your hair you are going to want to use a bigger wand. I used the 25 MM for this. and you want to stay about 4-5 inches away from your root just so you can get the flat hair on top just like kylie has in the picture.

I did end up going in with my straightener and making the top half of my hair straight because it ended up being way to curly! The straightener i use is by Sedu and I've had it for years!  :)

This is what your end result should look like! Keep in mind it is time consuming but if you are wanting to curl your hair and have a different style to it i think this is the perfect look! Its one of my new favorites :)

Thank you guys for visiting my blog! I will have more product reviews and such on here very soon! I love you all and dont forget to check out the video for this look below to see each step in detail! xoxo

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Best Product to Get Waterproof Mascara Off COMPLETELY!

Hey beauties!! So i have recently discovered a product that i am OBSESSED with!! I have had the hardest time taking off waterproof mascara. I have even tried the waterproof makeup remover from sephora and it did nothing for me! 

I was watching one of my favorite girls on youtube "MissGlamorazzi" and she had mentioned this product in one of her videos. I know that she always uses waterproof mascara and when she mentioned this product, I knew i had to try it!

So im sure you're like "okay casey... WHAT PRODUCT are you talking about?" lol & its the MAC Cleanse off Oil.

This is literally the best waterproof mascara remover ever. If you have oily eyelids like myself, DO NOT be scared of it!! It has not made my eyelids any worse, if anything, my eyelids dont get as oily as they used to. 

When using this product, i like to apply it before i wash my face. So ill take one pump of the product and massage it between my fingers, and then massage it on my lashes in circular motions. You don't have to be harsh with this product so don't rub your eyes with a lot of pressure. 

When you are gently massaging this product on your lashes, you will feel the mascara starting to dissolve and work its way off. I like to massage for about 30 seconds to a minute and then rinse off. If i put on a lot of mascara that day, I'll go in and repeat the process again. But usually i don't have to do that.

So far i have not experienced ANY problems with this. I have not broken out & i haven't experienced any irritation with my eyes and i have been using this for almost a week now! The full size product is $28.00 and you could also purchase the travel size for $10.00

Let me know if you have tried this product out or what your favorite waterproof eye makeup remover is!

Love you all! xoxo

Monday, June 3, 2013

Sleek High Ponytail: Tutorial

Hey guys!! Welcome to my first blog. Pretty excited about it actually. I have been making videos for about a year and a half now and wanted to branch out and start doing blog posts with outfits, my favorites beauty products, etc. 

So my newest video is about how to get a sleek ponytail with some volume! I'm a sucker for the Kardashians. I feel like they are the best people to look to if you want to have a glamorous hair style or the sexiest smokey eye. 

I was looking through picture of Kim K & her ponytails and i was so inspired! I could not pass up re creating this look---

If you want to see how i achieved this look then check out my new video!! Its the perfect hairstyle for a night out or if you just want to get your hair out of your face and still look put together :)

Love you all!!